Curriculum Vitae Dr. Stefan F. Wirth

Born: June 10th, 1972 in Neunkirchen Saar

Activities as a child / adolescent: annual visit to a ski school, foil fencing with participation in Europe-wide competitions, piano and organ lessons, painting, aquaristics, terraristics with a focus on herpetology and entomology

Graduation: 1992 Abitur at the Gymnasium am Steinwald, Neunkirchen Saar. At this school art lessons with the well-known glass and wall painter, watercolor and oil painter Ferdinand Selgrad,

Community service:

1992-1994 on the care ward of a senior citizens' residential complex in Hamburg


1994-2000 diploma course in biology at the Free University of Berlin, meanwhile student assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Genetics in Berlin

Phd thesis:

2000 to the end of 2004 at the Free University of Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Dr. W. Sudhaus. Topics: interrelationships between mites and arthropods, phoresy, necromeny, phylogenetic reconstructions, functional morphology, macro-micro-photography, videography, video analyzes to describe animal behavior, evolutionary biology.

Funding: Nafög scholarship, short-term academic position at the Free University of Berlin

Evaluation of the dissertation:
Magna cum laude

Other activities: Collaboration with market and opinion research institutes Emnid and Forsa, conducting surveys

University teaching 2005-2014 on the subjects of evolution of vertebrates, evolution of the animal kingdom, evolution of arachnids, ecology, phylogenetic systematics.

Drafting of over twenty peer-reviewed publications in international journals on topics of the doctoral thesis. Funding by the DFG and DAAD, research stays in Italy, Croatia, USA and Russia.

Application procedure Assistant professorship in Sao Paulo (Brazil): Participation in a concurso at the USP in 2012: third place out of over 50 applicants. Rating: very good

Research award: poster presentation about a mite in amber, which was made visible with the help of CT technology, awarded by the Berlin Natural History Museum

Literary and journalistic activities:

Publication of two long short stories in German in the (no longer existing) German print journal "Kurzgeschichten" ISSN 1613-432x, Print & Media 2005 Ltd, Redaktion: Dieter Lang
- Wirth, Stefan: Der Weißwal, Ausgabe 05/2006, Seiten 41-45.
- Wirth, Stefan: Herculaneum, Ausgabe 4/2007, Seiten 10-14 

Writing numerous articles and a few short stories on my blog "Biologist",
Publication of specialist articles for the online magazine "Computer Base",
Article for the online press portal hpd.

Fine arts, photography, videography, documentary and Movie experiences:

Working as an extra, stand-in and body double in international Movie film productions (locations in Berlin and Potdam), including body double in the film "Beauty and the Beast" (2014), directed by Christophe Gans, double for actor Nicolas Gob (listed by name in the credits of the film).

Publication of numerous nature and macro videos on my YouTube channel "Stefan F. Wirth", macro filmmaker for several tv nature documentaries that were shot on behalf of the television station "Arte", e. G. the two-part French documentary "Sous nos pieds" (2015) by director Vincent Amouroux (listed by name as filmer/photograph in the credits of the documentaries); can be found e.g.

Numerous photo and painting projects published on Behance "Stefan F. Wirth",
Experienced drone pilot using a "DJI Mavic" with proof of knowledge since 2019, temporary cooperation (bureaucracy only) with a drone school in Berlin (Drones per Hours)

Non-university teaching activities:
 Among other things, teacher of German and English in remedial courses at primary and secondary schools in Berlin, as well as teacher of German as a second language 2019-2020 under the management of the company "Intellego"

Other abilities:
completed Latinum, foreign languages ​​French (good), English (very good),
Diving license Padi "open water diver",
Car driver's license


List of Scientific Papers: